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Галеон, гостиница в Коктебеле

Club card

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General provisions

The procedures of issue and work with discount cards of the bowling club Galeon


1. The purpose of creating the discount system of the bowling club Galeon is to combine the economical interest of natural and legal persons who are interested in the development of the bowling club, and to provide discounts to the owners of discount cards when rendering services for the participants of the discount system.
2. The participants of the discount system of the bowling club Galeon must observe the requirements of legislation which regulate the quality and the order of services, as well as the provision of legislation about protection of a consumer’s rights.
3. The discount card has its personal number, it is nominal and it cannot be transferred to the other person.
4. In order to receive a discount card you must fill in the form of the fixed sample. 5. The discount card must be presented before the game. If you failed to present it before the game, the discount shall not be provided.
6. The discount card is considered to be the possession of the club.
7. The lost or the spoiled card shall not be renewed, the issue of a new one with a new number is possible only (value of replacement is 50,00 UAH).
8. The club shall have the right to make alterations in the rules of work with cards without informing the owner in advance.
9. In case of non-attendance of the club within six months, the administration shall have the right to cancel the card.
10. Not being aware of the rules shall not be the ground to claim from the side of the owners of the discount cards.
11. The administration of the club shall guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data given by the owner at registration and some data for using the cards.

Club cards of the bowling club "Galeon"

1. The cards of three kinds shall be put into service – 5%, 10%, 15%.
2. The one who presents the club card can get the discount for any number of alleys.
3. The guest who received the card for 5%, 10%, 15% shall have the right to participate in drawing lots and actions of the club, as well as to become a participant of the bonus system of the programme.
4. The procedure of getting the discount cards:

- 5% - 10 visits within 60 days. 
- 10% - 20 visits during 90-that days. 
- 15% - 30 visits within 120 days.

5. Some special offers and marketing programmes shall have effect for the owners of he discount cards.

* Sincerely yours, the board f directors of the bowling club "Galeon"