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Галеон, гостиница в Коктебеле


A guaranteed reservation (confirmed by payment) in the hotel is provided if you pay in advance for one day of accommodation. If the guest refuses from the guaranteed reservation, the payment shall not be returned.
You can reserve a room in our hotel as follows:

  • Make a reservation of the necessary room from our Internet website;
  • Send your application form to our e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;
  • Call us at the phone number:+7 (36562) 2-49-01.

* As soon as the receptionist receives your application from, he will prepare and send you the bill with our essential elements for you to fulfill payment using the bank system.
* To confirm the payment you need to send us a copy of the receipt.


Legal address: Hotel Galeon, 7b, Desantnikov str., urban-type settlement Koktebel,298186
Telephone: +38(06562)2-49-01
Actual residence: Hotel Galeon, 7b, Desantnikov str., urban-type settlement Koktebel,298186
Telephones: +38(06562) 2-46-91

An unguaranteed reservation (not confirmed by payment) is provided for the category of the room and can be canceled in case the guest failed to confirm the reservation one day before the check-in. The unguaranteed reservation shall not be provided within the period from 18.06. to 18.09.